IMG_4759John Maxon

John grew up on a working ranch in Greybull, Wyoming where he developed his expansive view of nature through billowing clouds, large landscapes and dramatically contrasting light.

It was the light and color in Wyoming then Arizona and eventually San Francisco Bay Area that led him to become an artist. He spent his early days painting in the fields behind Stanford University, and was fortunate to study the works of Nathan Olivera, Wayne Thiebaud and David Park during those years. He attended San Jose State University and studied with Sam Richardson and John Battenberg, primarily learning sculpture techniques.

He went on to study at UC Davis with Roy DeForest, William Wiley and Wayne Thiebaud as his instructors in graduate school. The exposure to these highly successful and professional artists of that time gave him a strong awareness of the degree of dedication required to make a career of painting.

John’s landscapes capture the essence of the landscape and light without attempting to mimic nature. On very close inspection his canvases are richly underpainted and he uses a very active, colorful and abstract language to describe the landscape. But as the viewer steps away from the piece the overall quality of the figurative elements come clearly into focus. Sweeping panoramas of the Napa Valley, the California coast and forested canyons are John’s favorite subjects.