Riis Burwell-1Riis Burwell

Riis was born in New Haven, Connecticut in 1954. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Goddard College. Since 1983, Riis has been designing and hand-fabricating exquisite tabletop, wall, large free-standing and public art abstract metal sculpture in his Northern California studio. Riis’ sculpture draws its vitality from his reverence for nature and his fascination with the opposing forces of geometry and entropy that underlie the structure of the physical world. The delicate balance between order and chaos, growth and decay of all matter intrigues and inspires him. Riis primarily works in steel, stainless steel and bronze because of their permanence and inherent beauty. All shapes are hand-fabricated for each sculpture.

“Creating sculpture provides me with a deeper connection to the grace and beauty in nature.” Riis Burwell