It is my pleasure to offer paintings, photographs and sculpture by artists who are recognized as important in today’s contemporary market. Many of the artists you will see here have long established careers. However, I also represent the work of mid-career and emerging artists of recognized talent. I provide a broad style range, and have access to artists at their studios.

I offer a full range of services to the collector, including professional framing, installation and consultation with your interior designer and/or architect.

Because I work in an art consultant capacity, I have access not only to artists whose work you see on this website, but to many others including artists represented by other galleries. I can help collectors who seek assistance buying a specific piece of art anywhere.


We welcome the opportunity to work with trade professionals and contract buyers. Please contact us for more information at We require copy of your resale license, documentation showing that your business is active (such as a yellow page ad, lease in the name of your business, business website, etc), your formal request for discounted terms addressed to us on your business letterhead with a brief description of the project, and a copy of your business card.


If you want to see a work in person, I can send you the actual piece on approval. As with ordering anything on line, you would be responsible for shipping costs. However, if you decide that you want to keep the work, I will refund those costs. And, if it does not meet your needs, you would be responsible for return shipping charges.


Not only will this allow you to see the art in person, but it gives you an opportunity to meet the artist and speak with them about their work, I can arrange a studio visit and often join you for this interesting, educational experience.


I provide experienced professional advisory services for painters, sculptors, photographers and print makers at all career levels, helping bring their talent into the world by providing connection to exhibitors, buyers and collectors.


SDFA can provide rental of paintings, photographs and sculpture by artists who are important in today’s contemporary market, as well as mid-career and emerging artists of recognized talent. Offering a broad style range, SDFA has access to many studios in the Napa Valley and the San Francisco Bay area. The possibilities are limitless. If you don’t see what you’d like on this web site, we will find it for you.

Collecting art can be expensive, intimidating and more of a commitment than many are ready to make, even though they love original work. This service makes original art accessible, affordable and fun, It gives people the opportunity to live with art they would not consider otherwise.

Enjoy it without the commitment. Renting opens up so many options for bringing beauty and style into your workplace and home.